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Combined Heating and Shaking Makes the Labnet 222DS Shaking Incubator a Clear Winner

A crowded lab can make it difficult to maintain efficient operation, causing unnecessary delays and expanding associated lab costs.


Labnet International’s 222DS Shaking Incubator can remove many of these potential dangers. With its compact design, the 222DS shaking incubator easily fits on top of a lab benchtop without disrupting access to upper shelves, making it a clear choice for labs experiencing space constraints.


Thermal Processing and Shaking

The 222DS shaking incubator also combines two integral lab processes, thermal processing and shaking, into one piece of equipment that makes this lab incubator useful for microbiology, biochemistry and medicine laboratory applications. Combining these processes can help speed up lab time by speeding up culture growth with the use of thermal incubation.


Customizable Shaking Incubator

The 222DS is also highly versatile, offering many customizable options for a setup that fits perfectly into your lab’s workflow. Many settings and accessories can be adjusted to fit various quantities and volumes of lab samples.


Additional flexibility can be found by using the shaking incubator’s optional SmartChekTM software that is included with each unit. This can be set to monitor RPM and temperature in real time as well as recording for future access, and can be controlled via the shaking incubator keypad or directly from your PC.


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