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Maintain Your Cool with Huge Summer Savings from Labnet

Whoever said science wasn’t cool was wrong. Dead wrong. And we’re here to prove it, with hot summer deals now available from Labnet International, guaranteed to help you maintain your cool all summer long..
Yes! You can get 10%, 25% or even 40% off your favorite lab products like the BioPette® Plus adjustable volume pipette, Labnet Digital Dry Baths, or Spectrafuge® Microcentrifuge. These deals start July 1st and will be available through the month of September, so you can save now and get geared up for the fall with all of your favorite laboratory products at great savings.
Seen enough? We thought so. Time to get shopping. Visit the individual product page of your choice and, with a slight flick of the wrist, click to get a quote. A friendly Labnet distributor will contact you shortly to deliver your new GyroMini®, GyroTwister®, or FastPette® Pro pipette controller.
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