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Slide Spinner centrifuge from Labnet International

Reusable Laboratory Micro Array Slide Spinner

The Slide Spinner is perfectly designed for drying microarray slides prior to scanning.

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Product SKU's

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C1303-T Slide Spinner With two slide drying cassettes, 120V
C1303-T-230V Slide Spinner With two slide drying cassettes, 230V
C1303-T-230V-EU Slide Spinner For 2 Slides, 230V with European Cord
C1303-T-230V-UK Slide Spinner For 2 Slides, 230V with UK cord

Accessories SKU's

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C1303-SC Extra cassettes for Slide Spinner, Pack of 2
Product Specifications
Maximum speed/RCF4,800 rpm
Maximum Capacity2 standard slides
Dimensions (W x D x H)5.9 x 5.9 x 4.6 in/15 x 15 x 11.7 cm
Weight1 lb/0.45 kg
Electrical230V~, 50 Hz or 120V~, 60 Hz

Superior Scanning Results

Prior to scanning a microarray slide, it is necessary to remove all wash buffer. This drying step is critical to obtain the best possible scanning results. Labnet's new Micro Array Slide Spinner centrifuge dries 2 microarray slides within 10 seconds.

Clean and Reusable

Simply insert your slides into the cassettes and close the lid. This Slide Spinner centrifuge quickly accelerated to 4800 RPM, the optimal speed for quick drying without any splashing. Open the lid and the rotor comes to a stop and the dry slides can be removed. The cassettes catch all of the liquid, and can easily be removed, and the liquid can be poured out.

  • Ideal for removing wash buffer from microarrays prior to scanning
  • Removable cassettes conveniently catch all liquid
  • Quickly dries 2 slides

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