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Pro 30 Reciprocal Lab Shaker

Pro 30 Laboratory Reciprocal Shaker

Small footprint with an easy-access control panel makes the Pro 30 shaker a great choice for your lab.

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Product SKU's

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S2030-RC-B Pro 30 Reciprocal Shaker Without platform, 120V
S2030-RC-B-230V Pro 30 Reciprocal Shaker Without platform, 230V

Accessories SKU's

SKU Title Get a Quote
S2031-12 Flat platform with nonslip rubber mat
S2031-12D Two stacked platforms
S2031-13 Universal spring loaded platform
S2031-18 Flask clamp platform without clamps
S2040-01 Clamp for 1 L Erlenmeyer flask (Orbit 1000 (max 4) Orbit 1900 (max 6))
S2040-09 Clamp for 500 mL Erlenmeyer flask (Orbit 1000 (max 5) Orbit 1900 (max 10))
S2040-85 Clamp for 85 mL Erlenmeyer flask (Orbit 1000 (max 16) Orbit 1900 (max 28))
S2040-99 Clamp for 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask (Orbit 1000 (max 9) Orbit 1900 (max 20))
Product Specifications
Speed Range6 - 150 strokes/min
Timer20 - 120 min (10 min inc.) or continuous
MotionLinear, 30 mm stroke length
Maximum load11 lb/5 kg
Ambient operating range+4° to 70°C
Dimensions (W x D x H)10 x 12.6 x 6.3 in/25.5 x 32 x16 cm
Weight14.5 lb/6.6 kg
Electrical230V~ or 120~, 50/60 Hz

Stainless Steel Reciprocal Lab Shaker

Labnet's Pro 30 shaker features a left to right linear action to provide gentle to vigorous shaking. Four platform configurations make this model valuable for a variety of applications.

  • Four stainless steel platform options
  • Reciprocal motion for staining, washing blots and general mixing
  • Economical analog control with easy-turn knobs
  • Safe for cold room and incubator use

Modern styling gives the Pro 30 a small footprint and easy-access control panel. Speed and time are electronically controlled while their values are set with easy turn knobs. The four platforms configurations include a large 30 x 30 cm flat platform with non-slip rubber mat to hold sample containers in place. For added capacity, a stacked double platform is also available. The spring loaded universal platform holds tube racks, bottles and odd shaped containers. Flasks up to 1L can be shaken of the flask clamp platform. Pre-drilled to hold a variety of different sized clamps, the platform and clamps are sold separately. Platforms are easily interchanged. The Pro 30 is safe for use in temperature controlled environments. Compact in size, it will fit in both the Labnet 311 and 611 Series Incubators.

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