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Z306 Hermle Universal Centrifuge

Z 306 Hermle Universal Centrifuge

The most compact of the universal Hermle centrifuge line!

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C0306 Z306 Universal Centrifuge 120V

Accessories SKU's

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C0320-72B Sealing lid for buckets, each
C0320-726 2 x 15 ml Conical Insert, Pack of 2
c0200-05 5/7mL vacu., pk/2
C0323-064 Cyto-Container w/2 Cylindrical Bore Hles 1.5ml
c0326-72c 4 x 100 ml Swing-out Rotor with Buckets
C0326-12 4 x 100 ml Economy Swing-out Rotor
c0036-16 2 x 3 microplates Swing-out Rotor (Fits Z306, Z326K, Z366, Z36HK)
c0326-96 12 x 15 ml Conical Angle Rotor
c0326-97 6 x 50 ml Conical Angle Rotor (Fits Z326K)
C0326-24 24 x 1.5/2.0 ml High Speed Angle Rotor
C0036-19 30 x 15 ml Angle Rotor
C0036-22 6 x 50 ml High Speed Angle Rotor
C1205 Adapter for 0.5 mL tubes (6/pack)
C1206 Adapter for 0.4 mL tubes (6/pack)
C1222 Adapter for 0.2 mL tubes (6/pack)
C0200-17A Adapter for 5 mL (12 x 75 mm) and 7 mL (13 x 100 mm) tubes, pack of 6
C0200-10 10/15 ml, round bottom Adapter, Pack of 2
C0232-8B 15 ml Adapter, Pack of 6
C0232-9B Adapter for 5ml (13 x 75mm) and 7 ml (13 x 100 mm) in 50 ml rotor, pack of 6
C0230-41 Cushion for 5ml (12 x 75mm) in C0232-9, pack of 12
C0230-20 1.5 ml Adapter, Pack of 4
C0036-17 30 x 1.5/2.0 ml High Speed Angle Rotor
C0326-24H 24 x 1.5/2.0 ml High Speed Angle Rotor
c0320-720 1 x 100 ml Insert, Pack of 2
C0320-728 1 x 50 ml Conical Insert, Pack of 2


Product Specifications
Maximum Speed13,500 rpm
Maximum RCF17,319 x g
Maximum Volume4 x 100 mL
Speed Range200-13,500 rpm
Running time59 min. 50 s/ 10 s increments; 99 h 59 min. 50 s / 1 min. increments
Dimensions (w x h x d)14 x 13 x 18.6 in. / 35.5 x 33 x 47.4 cm
Weight66 lbs / 30 kg
G-Force4,427 x g


Z 306 Compact Universal Centrifuges

The Hermle Z 306 centrifuge is the most compact of the universal units in the Hermle line. This centrifuge accommodates microplates and tubes up to 100 mL in swing-out and fixed angle rotors. A broad speed range and high g-force make the Z306 ideal for applications from clinical research to molecular biology.

Clinical and Industrial Applications

A modern design control panel displays both preset and actual parameters with a dial for simple one handed operation. Precise centrifugation is obtained with 10 rpm/rcf increments and 10 acceleration or deceleration levels to protect fragile samples. The microprocessor allows up to 99 programs to be saved with simple program retrieval.

Improperly loaded rotors trigger the safety imbalance detection system which stops operation of the centrifuge. Other safety features include automatic rotor recognition with over speed protection and a motor driven lid lock system.

  • Maintenance-free induction drive
  • Microprocessor with large LCD display
  • Lid lock
  • Automatic rotor identification system with over speed protection, immediately upon rotor insertion
  • Active imbalance-identification and cut-off (rotor-specific)
  • Imbalance tolerant drive
  • A large variety of rotors and accessories
  • Manufactured according to international safety regulations, i.e. IEC 61010
  • Audible signal at the end of each run with several melody options
  • Rotor exchange is easy to handle
  • Noise level under 63 dBA at max. speed
  • Improved ventilation system keeps samples cool

Distinct Control Panel

  • Simple one handed operation
  • Easy to program with gloves on
  • Splash proof digital display
  • Permanent indication of Preset and Actual Values
  • Selection of speed in both rpm and g-force, with increments of 10
  • 10 acceleration and 10 deceleration rates, possibility of unbraked deceleration
  • Pre-selection of running time from 10 s to 99 h 59 min. or continuous
  • Storage of up to 99 runs including rotor type
  • Quick-key for short runs
  • Diagnostic program

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