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Labnet International Z326 Centrifuge

Z 326 Hi-Speed Centrifuge

High speed operation makes the Z 326 and Z 326 K series an excellent choice for molecular biology and basic research applications.

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C0326 Z326 High Performance Centrifuge Non-Refrigerated, 120V

Accessories SKU's

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C0360-91C 30 ml Adapter, Pack of 2
C0360-91A 16 ml Adapter, Pack of 2
C0360-91D 15 ml Adapter, Pack of 2
C0230-41 Cushion for 5ml (12 x 75mm) in C0232-9, pack of 12
C0232-8B 15 ml Adapter, Pack of 6
C0232-9B Adapter for 5ml (13 x 75mm) and 7 ml (13 x 100 mm) in 50 ml rotor, pack of 6
c0036-52a 1 x 15mL conical/round, pk/2
C0036-56 10 x 50mL conical, max 7,500 rpm/8,170 x g
c0326-78h Sealed angle rotor 6x85m, max 11,000 rpm/13,933 x g (Z326); 13,000 rpm/20,986 x g (Z326K)
c0326-78 6 x 85mL, max 11,000 rpm/13,933 x g (Z326); 13,000 rpm/20,986 x g (Z326K)
C0326-72 4 x 100 ml Swing-out Rotor without Buckets
C0323-064 Cyto-Container w/2 Cylindrical Bore Hles 1.5ml
c0326-72c 4 x 100 ml Swing-out Rotor with Buckets
C0326-12 4 x 100 ml Economy Swing-out Rotor
c0036-16 2 x 3 microplates Swing-out Rotor (Fits Z306, Z326K, Z366, Z36HK)
c0326-96 12 x 15 ml Conical Angle Rotor
c0326-97 6 x 50 ml Conical Angle Rotor (Fits Z326K)
C0326-24 24 x 1.5/2.0 ml High Speed Angle Rotor
C0036-19 30 x 15 ml Angle Rotor
C0036-22 6 x 50 ml High Speed Angle Rotor
C0036-20 4 x 85 ml High Speed Angle Rotor
C0036-18 6 x 85 ml Angle Rotor
C0360-94D 50 ml, Falcon Adapter, Pack of 2
C0360-94A 50 ml Adapter, Pack of 2
C0360-94B 30 ml Adapter, Pack of 2


Product Specifications
Maximum Speed18,000 rpm
G Force Rating4,427 x g
Maximum Capacity4 x 100ml
Timer10 sec. to 99 min.
Temp. Range-20 to 40C (Z326-K only)
Program StorageUp to 99
Warranty2 Years
Z326 Dimensions 16 x 14 x 14 in.
Z326-K Dimensions16 x 19 x 14 in.
Weight96 lbs. / 132 lbs.


Z 326 Centrifuges

These high performance, high speed centrifuges accept a variety of rotors for tube sizes up to 100ml. High speed and g-force ratings expand the use of the high speed centrifuges to a range of applications in areas such as molecular biology and basic research.

The Z 326 centrifuge series has a capacity up to 4 x 100 mL with 16  different rotor options. Capable of 99 memory programs, this centrifuge has a large LCD display showing both pre-selected and actual run parameters with 10 different acceleration and deceleration levels. Run parameters, including rotor type, can be saved to 10 program memories. Braking intensity can be set to ten different levels.

Both centrifuges are equipped with motor driven lid lock systems to reduce the force to activate lock. Speed is set and displayed in RPM or RCF. Proper calculation of g-force with different tube sizes and adapters is ensured by a radius correction feature. A maintenance-free induction drive provides quiet operation and quick acceleration and deceleration.

Safety features incorporated into the centrifuges include automatic rotor recognition, over speed protection and imbalance sensors.

  • Speed and capacity
  • Powerful, yet compact
  • Sophisticated controls
  • Flexible, compatible with a variety of tubes and plates

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