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Labnet International Bioresearch Laboratory Products

BioResearch Centrifuges Electrophoresis Equipment for Molecular Biology Laboratory Incubators, Ovens, and Baths Labnet Pipettes, Pipettors, Variable Volume, Ergonomic
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Research and Testing Laboratory Equipment

Quantitative Performance and Results

Quality performance research equipment to ensure accurate results and reliable data in every application in the lab.

We supply research equipment for laboratory applications such as:

  • Stem Cell Research
  • Gnome Sequencing
  • Cell Analysis
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis
  • Molecular Cytogenetics
  • Molecular Biology DNA Sequencing
  • DNA Methylation Analysis
  • Taq Polymerase Purification
  • measuring liquid
  • placing specimens
  • measuring volume
  • handling hot beakers
  • storing substances
  • mixing chemicals
  • collecting data
  • growing cultures
  • cooling samples
  • denaturing DNA
  • separating blood
  • decanting supernatant
  • isolating organelles
  • isolating and separating suspensions
  • staining and destaining
  • conducting solubility studies
  • testing immunology
  • restricting enzyme digestion
  • imaging protein or nucleic acids

Labnet wants to join you in your efforts in taking steps towards biomedical research and collecting useful and beneficial data in the laboratory. We offer tailored quotes and customer service to answer questions and inquiries about our products and want to help you find the right product.


In our effort to provide the highest quality products, Labnet products help you in your basic research, applied research, and translational research. Work in clinical trials and the development of new treatments benefits from teams and individuals looking forward and pushing the boundaries of understanding, and having the tools necessary to perform tests and quantify data.